I'm a full-stack web developer & marketing consultant.

I build websites, web applications, and lead generation systems using modern web technologies.

Cross-Platform Mortgage Bot

Built atop the Smooch.io messaging cloud, "Morty"  walks users through the mortgage application process while maintaining the conversation state across all major messaging platforms; users can start the application on the website and finish it on Facebook Messenger!

Morty also integrates nicely with modern business systems like Slack and CRMs so the mortgage company can jump in the conversation in real time and follow up with prospects who are ready to take the next step.

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Droga5 / Prudential

I was hired by Droga5 to build a microsite for one of their largest clients. The site's main purpose is to encourage "young-folk" to start saving for retirement with a calculator depicting their potential wealth accumulation over time based on factors such as age, monthly pledge amount and savings start date.

Paired with a full ad campaign and retirement-themed "4.01K" marathon in Washington D.C., users of the site pledged to save what could collectively grow to $1 billion more for retirement.

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WebGL Interactive Map

This map demo uses WebGL to render an interactive map which lets users "fly" around to various locations in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with the smoothness that only WebGL can provide.

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Compass is a Real Estate startup that provides comprehensive brokerage services with best-in-class technology to make the process of buying, selling, or renting a home intelligent and seamless.

As one of the first engineers to work at the company, I helped create many foundational components of their web application which helped launch their sales platform.

Compass has gone on to raise over $210 million from venture capital firms like Institutional Venture Partners and Thrive Capital valuing the company at more than $1 billion.

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Chatbot Base Personality

A chatbot that aims to do more than simple Q and A needs to be able to respond intelligently to a range of requests and statements from the user.

This chatbot provides a base that can respond [somewhat] intelligently to just about any statement and will serve as a foundation for more niche chatbots I build.

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